11 Jan 2008

Multilingual controllfreak

I happen to be a controll-freak, not unusual among Dommes. I want to know everything, and understand what goes on around me, and it has had its consequences.

Languages represent power.

The ability to use a language correctly is something I value, and I do find it to be a very attractive quality. We live in an international world, and being of both mixed descent, as well as having dated individuals from 4 continents during my time on earth, I am more than well aware of our shrinking planet.

Small as it may be, it still contains a lot of different languages. Seeing that I need to controll my environment, and want to understand what goes on around me has turned me into quite a linguist. I was 5-lingual before, but since entering the scene I have become 8-lingual, with varying fluency. The 8th one is an ongoing project and I am enjoying it. I also use every chance I get to keep up the ones I already know. One good thing is that it appears that the more languages you know, the easier it is to learn a new one.

Though unless my bookshelves are going to be filled with dictionaries alone, I had better stop meeting people that speak any other languages than the ones I already know....

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