20 Jan 2008

The Collar

If you look in the closet of someone practising BDSM you will find a lot of interesting things. Handcuffs, leather cuffs, whips. floggers, chains, clamps and gags are usually just the starter courses. Wartenburg wheels, fiddles, tens units, violet wands and hoods can be found in dark corners of more experienced users. There are so many accessories it would take me a day and a night to list them all. However, out of all of these, one item is more powerful than the rest.

The Collar.

There is no stronger symbol of slavery, of ownership than the collar.

Collars come in different sizes and shapes. Some are thin, some wide, some made of smooth leather, and others of hard metal. The most common kind is probably the play collar. Whenever I have gone to fetish parties, or talked to people in the scene, a lot of submissives own their own collars. A sign of their submissiveness and desire to serve, but something that is placed around their necks by themselves. I, too, have used collars during brief sessions, it is a great aid when dominating and using bondage. That is however, just a tool.

Another type of collar has a deeper meaning. We call them consideration collars. Being under consideration could in vanilla terms be translated into exclusive dating. There is something between those two individuals that others may not interfere with, though they are not yet in an official relationship.

The final category is also the most elusive, as well as precious one. The actual Ownership Collar. That is the kind that both submissives and dommes alike strive for, some acchieve that goal, whereas other spend their lives searching for it. In my personal view, such a Collar should be lockable. A padlock keeping the Ownership Collar securely in place whenever I want to see it around my slave's neck. Nobody can remove it but I. Nobody should.

This is by far the most beautiful collar
I have come across. Simple, and unyielding.
A collar for a lifetime....

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Christian said...

I never thought much about fetish wear, but I like the meaning/symbol of the ownership collar.
Hmm, wonder if I will ever wear one!?