13 Mar 2009

The Disputed Truth...

Tonight I was surfing the web for fun, and came across a forum where a submissive novice asked vanillas for help in finding a Dominant woman. Most seemed in agreement; Dommes are hard to find, rare and very special. One retort caught my eye.

"There is NO woman who is sexually turned on by dominating. The myth about the domme is just a myth, a fantasy of all those who find the idea of a dominant woman attractive. A controversial statement, but nonetheless true. "

-Says you!

"However, there are some women who enjoy experimenting with sex and they sometimes try dominating, playing a bit with whips and handcuffs, but it always ends in them realising that they are not turned on by dominating. If the girl begins to get horny during the course of the game she suddenly wants to change roles so that she can be dominated."

-Eh... no! Not ALL women

"There are of course women who enjoy being socially dominant, e.g. due to a need for control or because they enjoy being spoiled."

-Okey, I will give you that much, still not all though....

"Dominantion is directly linked to the testosterone production and I would bet my testicles that not even a woman who
receives testosterone injections could be turned on by dominating."

-I hate needles...in me...

This man certainly has his opinon clear. What does that make me then? A dominant fish? Sealion perhaps? Sometimes you bet more than you can chew. His testicles are toast.

Just say when and where you will pay up, I'll make sure to be there.....