17 Jan 2008

Being A Woman.

In many cultures being a woman is ... well ... something despicable. Female children are given up for adoption or worse, put to death soon after birth simply for being female. Women are bought and sold, a dowry is exchanged to insure the future of the bride. Should the dowry be too small, the woman may look forward to a life in abuse.

So what is wrong with being a woman?

For me, there are three main disadvantages:
  1. Lack of physical strength - No matter how hard I try, I cannot open certain jam jars nor was I able to open the bottle of wine now standing in my kitchen. I tried, my friends tried but no; for that we need a man.
  2. The ability to park cars - Yes, men often make fun of women's driving skills when in fact men cause most of the accidents. However, one thing has always amazed me, and that is the ease with which a man can parallell park. Someone teach me please!
  3. Bad at taking risks - There are both advantages and disadvantages to risktaking. It is, after all risky, but then again, the world needs daredevils. So far, women are way behind men in that respect.

Now, there are quite a few advantages to being a woman.
  1. Longer lifespan - In basically every single culture, women outlive men by several years.
  2. Fewer diseases - having XX instead of XY has cut down on the number of expressed diseases. Women are still carriers, but in case of one faulty X we have another one to rely on, one of the reasons why e.g colourblindness is less common among females.
  3. More orgasms - Now that one speaks for itself, doesn't it?
  4. Multitasking - One of the most well-known female traits. We are able to talk on the phone, chat online, chew gum and do our makeup all at the same time.
  5. Intuition - Many cultures state that women have a stronger sixth sense then men, and the ability to intuitively sniff out secrets. Personally, I have watched my mother being a human guest alarm - letting us know to expect company in a few hours when all appears calm, and what is more, nine times out of ten she has been right!
  6. Debating - Good and bad. Women talk a lot more than men, and are able to express their opinions and feelings better. Perhaps from practise, perhaps from an innate difference. Fact remains, many women are able to kill an argument with nasty comment. We do need to learn to speak up even more, and to have the courage to stand up and out.

Women's shoes rule,
no doubt about it!



Mistress Anna said...

Hey you forget about the most important thing: Women get to chose the men, not the other way around!
Hugs babe!

Christian said...

I heard women are better at enduring pain.
Hmm, so don´t forget that I am just a man!^^

Anonymous said...

A fascinating read. Many truths lie within.