21 Jan 2008

Is a slave allowed to be weak?

I have previously posed the question whether or not a domme is allowed to be weak, so it is only fair that I ask the same about slaves: Are slaves allowed to be weak, and lean on the Mistress for support?

In contrast to Mistress's loss of strength, a weak slave appears more natural. The Lady is the one in charge, the one literally holding the lead, and the submissive follows her obediently. To some, that is a sign of weakness. How can you be weak if you have the strength to put yourself completely at someone else's mercy?

A lot of submissives are service-oriented. They cherish bringing their Mistress a cup of coffee, or in my case, a glass of juice in the morning. That is a way to show their servitude, but also a means of turning a mundane situation into an act of submission, worship and adoration. Beautiful in its simplicity.

What happens when the roles are reversed? Sometimes the slave really is weak. Illness, a hard day's work or a painful session the previous day can lead to the submissive needing a soft touch, and a caring Mistress. On those mornings, it is the Mistress's responsibility to get out of bed before her property, and bring him what he needs so badly.

A role reversal?

Yes and no. With ownership comes responsibility. It is still just as much a D/s relationship, the domme is in charge and makes the decision to come to her submissive's aid. During times such as these, the bonds between Domme and submissive, between Woman and man are re-affirmed and strengthened. These are not one-sided relationships simply because the power balance is an unusual one.

"Love me the most, when I deserve it the least, because that's when I need it best."


unspeakable axe said...

I don't see those moments of weakness for the submissive to be so much role reversal but more of a different kind of role.

I think of it as the Mistress taking care of her property like she would care for a sick pet.

Kinda romantic.

LadyM said...

Yes I agree with you axe. To me, it is romantic, beautiful and an intimate moment between two caring individuals.