8 Jan 2008

Age Play

Age play is a term that in the BDSM-world represents a form of roleplay where one individual takes on the parenting of the other one, who is reduced to a child. However, unbeknownst to most people, there is a different kind of age play at work.

* * * * *

My friend looked at my with a frown, over her cup of coffee. We had been discussing her latest find; a young man, 7 years her younger.

- How many femdomme couples do you know where the male is older than the Domme? she asked.

- Hmm.... Let me think... 2 that I am sure of. Why?

- Well, think about it. Dominant women our age (around 30) seem to be involved with male submissives in their early 20s. Your last one was 5 years younger than you, and now here I am, contemplating a baby boy.

- He is not exactly a baby, but I do see what you mean. I said, curious to find out where this conversation was headed

- Yeah, and when you read the personals on CM, IC or Alt so many males seek a mature woman. Is that what we have become?

-Hey, I know my birthday is coming up, but I do resent being called a mature woman. I am NOT that old!

- Haha, I know. But let's get back to my original thought. How many non-femdomme couples do you know where the man is younger than the woman? Her eyes pierced into mine.

- Not a single one, I replied.

- I rest my case, she smiled as our conversation returned to her "baby boy".

* * * * *

What is it that draws the young submissives to older dommes? Our age? The fact that we are expected to know more about ourselves and thus be more confident? Are we supposed to train the next generation of subs and mould them into good toys just because of our age?

And most importantly, does turning 30 also turn me into a mature woman?!


Anonymous said...

The age of a woman is quite irrelevant. The only reason it begins to matter is because of the factor children. A man with 30+ normally starts to want to have children, so of course he is going for younger woman. A man in his early twenties today doesn´t think about having a family that much, so he doesn´t care about the age of the woman as long she pleases his sexual and emotional needs.

So a main reason in femdomme couples the woman is usually older and in vanillas not, is because having children is not a part of this lifestyle, so the age of the woman doesn´t matter that much.

unspeakable axe said...

I have a bit of a different take on this:

It’s possible that the biggest reason is that most women don’t begin to experiment with their dominance until later in life. Perhaps many don’t feel comfortable with their sexuality until then. If you were to look at a graph of all of the dominant women, you’d see that the largest number of them are over 40. The younger the Domme, the fewer you will find.

You can do a simple search on collarme and see that it’s the case. Don’t forget to remove the Pro-dommes from the equation since they will be on the much higher end.

Having been on the lookout for a Domme for many many years, I can tell you that I never once met a Domme that was my age until recently (I’m in my early 30’s), and still finding someone close to my age is difficult.

While I don’t doubt that many subs prefer a woman older than them, I think age is probably further down the list of priorities than attraction and all mutual interests.

Just a thought:)

Anna's baby boy said...

i hope You don't mind if i say something about what You and Mistress discussed. She calls me baby boy all the time so i know who You were writing about. i wanted to be Mistress Anna's slave because She is everything i need. i know i'm a lot younger than Her, but to me that doesn't matter. i can still make Her happy. Women that are older know what they want and need, and that is very attractive.

i think that women are most beautiful between 30 and 40, so enjoy your birthday, Lady.

Thank You for Your time.

Christian said...

I agree with Anna´s baby boy. A woman around 30 is way more sure about herself and what she wants/needs than most younger women, that´s why submissive men, who truly wants to serve a woman with all their heart(and not just play...), are so attracted to them.

Oh and of course a domme will never be too old . Be it 30, 40, 50 and so on it wouldn´t count much for a truly submissive man, since it´s her mind and attitude which attracts him to her.
Okay, I am mainly speaking for myself here, but I am sure most genuine submissive men would agree.

LadyM said...

Baby boy - I plan on escaping for my birthday, some place where I can be pampered and treated like a Queen, so I will have an enjoyable day.

Axe It is true that there are few women my age. I know I started out unusually early. Still, I am approached by more subs between 20-25 than 30-35, which has me wondering.