30 Apr 2008

Laws change for BDSM

Good laws and bad laws?

The UK

A bill outlawing the possession of "extreme pornography" is set to become law next week. But many fear it has been rushed through and will criminalise innocent people with a harmless taste for unconventional sex.

Under the new rules, criminal responsibility shifts from the producer - who is responsible under the OPA - to the consumer.

But campaigners say the new law risks criminalising thousands of people who use violent pornographic images as part of consensual sexual relationships.


In 1995, as the first EU country, Denmark withdrew sadomasochism completely as a diagnosis by a political decision in the Government. This was less than a year after SM and fetishism were in effect removed from the influential American diagnosis list DMS-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Both the Danish and the US decisions are founded on research showing SM or sadomasochism to be no disease.


It seems as though I am not mentally insane, but taking photos of some of my acts may now become a crime. I am staying away from the cameras.

26 Apr 2008


Two extremes collided.
Passionate as always.
Seeking death.
Wanting life.

There are broken plates all over the floor.
Marks on arms, legs and chest.
Your wrist, my breast.
Blood on the knife.

Life is now
I am real.

Do not challenge me.
I will fight back.
Even for you.
I do not fear.

Nothing to lose,
but you.

And yes, I would...

24 Apr 2008


My family members have started conspiring against me. My sister and her husband in particular

The phone rang, it was my sister who had decided that she, I and her hubby X were going to go to the movies during the weekend. Knowing that I have spent way too little time with my family, I went along with it. I shouldn't have. It was an ambush..

- Just one more thing.. One of X's friends is coming with us too. You have met him before, the singer of the band.
- Sis...!
- Oh don't worry, you will like him. We will see you on saturday at 6, then we can have dinner before the movie.
- Sis!!

My sister would make a wonderful Domme. We have never discussed such matters, but she is the one who runs her household, and her husband. (Sometimes I wonder if their relationship is a D/s one as well.) There simply was no way of escaping the set-up without hurting her big-sister pride, so it looks like I now have plans for saturday night. I am a dominated Domme.

* * * * *

Before Christmas my father decided to have a heart to heart with me.

-You should not be single any longer, it does not suit you. You should find yourself someone you can control and dominate, just like your sister does with X.

Maybe family members understand more than they let on....

17 Apr 2008

How extreme is too extreme?

- I want to disappear for good.

- How do you mean?

- I want to be taken from the world. Held prisoner. I don't want to be allowed contact with anyone, not even my family.

- But I know you love your family.

- Yes, I do. I don't want anyone to know where I am. No traces, just disappeared.

- Why?

- Because it is not enough to be a vanilla slave. I need to be a prisoner. Don't touch me or say a word to me for a year, just feed me. Keep me hooded. I don't want to see sunlight again. Ever.

- You would be totally dependent. You would regret it.

- Yes I would hate it, but I would have no choice. Would you do it?

* * * * *
How extreme is too extreme?

12 Apr 2008

Turn ons

I have noticed that I can be turned on quickly.

I can be turned off even quicker.

I was chatting with someone the other day and he asked the question

- What does it for you? What makes it someone you enjoy using?

I tried to answer the question but was left with the feeling that my answer was not complete. Something was missing.

7 turn-ons:
  1. The submissive eyes - Sometimes I encounter those with the "sub-look". Submission shows in their eyes, it is like I can see straight into their souls. They hide nothing. THe one I talked to about this tries to conceal it, I hope he never manages to....
  2. The conversation - As nice as smut talk can be, that is not what I am referring to. I am not going to put anyone down in words or otherwise unless I feel that I can have interesting conversations with that individual. There has to be a connection...
  3. Physical appearance - I am not going to lie, attraction is a must!
  4. Reactions - Different strokes for different folks, well that works in BDSM as well. I enjoy reactions, everything from sighs, moans or just the simple flexing of a bound muscle.
  5. Control - it is so obvious that I first did not plan on adding it, but if I am going to list my turn-ons, it does belong here.
  6. Selectiveness - Someone who does not submit to anyone but me, and those I order him to. Full of pride and self-worth.
  7. The Gentleman - I have come across it a few times, and it always strikes me with awe. Some carry within them a different kind of gentleman than that who opens doors and pulls out chairs. Natural chivalry. A way of carrying himself that sets him apart from the others.. hmm.. I guess we are back to pride again. Pride in submission

10 Apr 2008


I just got whistled and hollared at by 60 lumberjacks.

Talk about a confidence booster!

I wonder how many of those 60 would get down on their knees if I asked them to...

1, 6, 20?

How many men are really submissive, or at least like the idea?

7 Apr 2008


I have one enemy.

There are people I don't like but only one I hate.

It had been a while since we met and now, there she was, in the grocery store among the veggies. She saw me and she looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

I left. She hurried as well and ended up walking in front of me.
I knew she could hear the sound of my high heels against the floor.
I made sure of it.

Suddenly she turned, and walked towards me.

I let the Domme loose.
I slammed my heels down, I held my head up high.
Without missing a beat, without looking at her, I walked straight through her.
I could feel her body slam against mine as she was knocked into a side-aisle.

She was nothing.

In the corner of my eye I could see her fear.
I can ruin her life simply by telling the truth.
Out of respect for someone else I don't.

I pay the price for my choices.
She has to too.

Don't mess with this Domme.

2 Apr 2008

An overly experienced Domme?

From time to time I am made acutely aware of the difference between myself and my peers. I am by now an experienced Domme, and what makes others cry out with disgust or disbelief is to me quite common.

A while back I was told that there was something I had to see, and someone sent me a link of viewer reactions. They were severe; the viewers were losing their lunches over whatever it was that they were seeing, some were crying and others laughing hysterically. The title to whatever they were watching gave me no clues whatsoever, and my curiosity grew.

Finally, I managed to find an exert and my own reaction was much less dramatic:

-Oh, it was just scat...

The thrill was gone.

Can one be too experienced?