21 Feb 2008

Perfection on demand

A while back, after publishing a story I had written, I was asked by Secondfiddle to make an entry regarding my take on perfection. It has taken me a while to sort out my thoughts, and come to grips with what perfection is to me. At first, it seemed like an easy enough post, but I was very wrong. Still I am going to make an attempt.

The best things in life are the most simple ones. They are often things that we take for granted, assume will always be there, and yet, when we take the time to actually see them, they are nothing short of magical. To me, the sun breaking through the clouds on a grey day can mean that that day is perfect.

It is early morning and I wake up with an arm around my waist. Around the wrists are a set of leather cuffs, that I used to lock him in when we fell asleep. The feeling of his body next to mine, as I wait for the alarm clock to ring is one of being at ease. I am not perfect, but my imperfections are accepted. He knows that I am dominant, and I can release that side of me anytime I want to, but that is not why he is sleeping next to me that very minute. Whether I am dominant or not, happy or sad, goofy or serious, he is there because of me. He would love me even if I was a vanilla, just because of who I am, not what I am.

I can offer you glimpses of perfection but defining it, or even describing it is too complex for words. It can only be lived and experienced during fleeting moments. Still, I wanted to find out what Merriam-Webster says about perfection:

1: the quality or state of being perfect: as a: freedom from fault or defect a : flawlessness b: maturityc: the quality or state of being saintly

2 a
: an exemplification of supreme excellence b: an unsurpassable degree of accuracy or excellence

: the act or process of perfecting

(I have to admit that any dictionary that would state that maturity defines perfection has my vote since it is only days before I turn 30..

I am going to pass on the challenge to fellow bloggers: Can you show me your take on perfection?

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secondfiddle said...

i read this somewhere and i think it is true and relevant here.
we do not fall in love with people who are perfect. it is people's imperfections that make them so endearing to us!