11 Feb 2008


Creativity to me is the ability to express yourself, in any way, shape or form. Some do it through writing, some by painting a picture. Others need to act out emotions, and others still show their creativity by putting one note after another on sheet music. Whatever the method may be, I believe that we all need to express our creativity somehow, because I think that we are all creative.

This lifestyle demands creativity.

You are in a dark lit room, candles are burning on the mantel piece and everything is calm. Your body is arched backwards, you are caught, helpless in a hogtie. There is no getting loose, 4 padlocks attached to the cuffs ensure that.n A large ball fills the inside of your mouth, pressing against your tongue and stretching your lips, making it impossible for you to speak. The gag also causes you to drool, and your mind cringes with humiliation as you feel the spit run down your cheek. Curious of what is to come next, you lift your head a bit and look up at your Goddess. There she stands, beautiful and strong, and scratches her head. After all of the effort of putting you in the restraints, she now has no idea of how to go on....

No, that is not a scenario that Dommes and submissives dream of late at night. Every encounter does not have to involve something new and untested, but when routine sets in the sparks disappear. Should that happen, the connection, the moment, would immediately be lost, and very difficult to rekindle. It is however, not just the Dommes job to be creative, the submissives actions are just as important.

I have recently found a new outlet for my creativity. I have begun to work with leather (for obvious reasons perhaps) and I have found that I am actually good at it too. Right now I am looking for new patterns and ideas of what I can do, make for myself. Any suggestions?

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination."Henry David Thoreau


Christian said...

Phew I must admit when it comes to leather or fashion in general I have no clue.

Sorry Maria, but in that case I am a typical male!^^

mosthandysub said...

Check these out:

Enjoy! If there's anything else I can do to help...please let me know.

secondfiddle said...

what kind of ideas do you need? i wonder what exactly you do with the leather??