15 Feb 2008

The Dark Side

The good side about the life I lead are all the interesting people I encounter.

The dark side about the life I lead are all the dangerous people I encounter.

Someone just popped up from the past. He calls himself a total slave, without limits, one who would even die for me. Never in my life, he calls every so often, wanting my attention. My affection. He wants to be in my heart, on my mind.

Today, his tactic was to make a threatening premonition against the life of one of my friends. I have had my life threatened before and to be honest, it does not bother me. When someone goes after my friends, I worry.

For every choice, every decision you make in life there is a price to pay. Since it is my life, I will pay what is due, but my friends should not have to suffer the consequences of my actions. I will do anything, pay any price for those I call friends. Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it, but I will not be driven into a corner by fear. I doubt much will come of what he says, but still... Getting to the one he mentioned would be very difficult, and for that I am glad. In a little while, I will sit down and write down what was said, and email a copy of it to my friend.

Just in case.


ThiefOfHearts said...

Very scary stuff. You are an honourable woman indeed to refuse to be bullied and intimidated by this cowardly fool. Yet I wonder if it will be worth the effort now that hus threats are becoming more definate, more onimous?

Good hunting ...

secondfiddle said...

i believe dangerous people arent at all endemic to this lifestyle. from the people i have met so far, i can say "we" tend to be as good as the rest. dangerous people are, well, dangerous people and they exist everywhere, thankfully, in the minority.

Christian said...

I agree with secondfiddle. Nevertheless men are more agressive and can be more lunatic than women in general. So I guess that you encounter probably a lot more bad, crazy subs, as we encounter bad, crazy dommes.
But I can assure you (from personal experience) that there are a lot of dangerous, crazy men outside of the lifestlye too.