3 Feb 2008

Ten reasons to stop blogging...

I have often been asked to describe the daily life of a sub of mine, what chores fall on him, and what he has to do to please me. There has only been one consistant answer: the dishes. I hate them with all of my guts. The rest, well they depend on the skills of the submissive in my charge.

I have made a new list of chores. This time it is a list of chores for me to carry out.

(Amazingly useful, those lists!)

1. Clean the cages - I am afraid it is not as exciting as it may sound. This time, the only things I keep in cages are guineapigs and birds. Yet, that is...

2. De-clutter the kitchen - the kitchen is the heart of the house. That makes it the one room that should never be allowed to be cluttered, yet mine is at the moment.

3. Booby-trap the bathroom cabinets - Next week a colleague of mine is coming by before we go out for drinks. He has confessed that he ALWAYS checks out people's bathroom cabinets, he cannot resist it. The plan is to take out the tooth brushes and soaps, and refill it with whips, gags, and cuffs. That should cure him of his illness permanently. Question is: Do I have the guts to?

4. Throw away clothes - charity here we come. Only vanilla ones of course!

5. Throw away shoes and boots - this one actually hurts a bit. The heel on my favourite boots broke this week. I miss them dearly and am trying to decide whether to get them fixed, or to get a new pair... Hmm... I think I will wait with that one for a while.

6. Put the shower curtain back up - I just need to find out how. The old holes where the screws used to be are now way too big, I need to invest in a carpenter!

7. Put up shelves in the storage room - boxes everywhere, just as would be expected after a move. I want them in good order. I really need to find myself a carpenter!

8. Fix my car - it has taken on a new life due to a hole in the exhaust system. Lift-off any second. Looks like I need a carpenter and a mechanic.

9. De-clog my bathtub - Yuck, yuck and yuck. Sometimes long hair causes problems. I really do not want to, but some things cannot be avoided. Plumber, mechanic and carpenter in one, the list keeps growing.

10. Stop blogging and get to work! - I probably should have started with that one....

I had better get to work, I should not keep myself waiting. I know tardiness is something I really hate...


ThiefOfHearts said...

But if you did stop blogging, how would you vent? Now I am, as I am sure are many, always willing to listen, but your creativity MUST be employed some way or another (and who would disagree with that?)! Do not stop this blog until you have enough to make a book.

unspeakable axe said...

I second that.

Please don't stop blogging!

LadyM said...

thiefofhearts and axe : I promise I won't stop blogging!

bootlover said...

Dear LadyM,

"#5 Throw out Boots and Shoes"


i wish i could fix Your Heel. Alas, my attempts to learning Bootmaking/repair have sofar come to naught. i have failded You :(

submissively Yours,