2 Jun 2008

A prison, anyone?

Somerset county on the US east coast has built a new prison.

The old one, built in 1897 is for sale.

For 200 000 us dollars the buyer will get a spacious victorian brick house complete with barb wire fences and an advanced security system.

A spokesman for Somerset County says that it could easily be turned into a store, art gallery or a restaurant.

Hmm, I think I could put that place to good use....


piece of cake said...

Like what? a cinema? theatre? oh, perhaps a natural history museum! a farm! an amusement park?

unspeakable axe said...

Oh, someday I'll win the lottery.

Talk about heaven.

Ritwik Banerjee said...

Does the U.S.A have anything like the Czech OWK (Other World Kingdom)? If not, this erstwhile prison could be, as you said, put to good use.