8 Jun 2008

Musical magic

Music is something magical to me. To see, hear, play it can send a jolt through my heart. Something as simple as sounds bring me back to life. It makes me dance, both in body and soul.

A year ago I experienced magic.

I had been up on the dance floor at the staff party a few times. The band played the blues. I had danced with a good friend, and laughed at how badly it went. Nothing seemed right during the evening, the beat was off for both of us. Another dance partner and the same result. The night was coming towards its end, and the last dance passed. I left the floor and met yet another colleague who wanted a ride in the car home. I was the designated driver.

He asked if he needed to persuade me, and I said yes.

We walk out onto the dance floor and he begins to sing. Quickly he leads me into a swift and steady swing dance. We dance to the sound of his voice and I enjoy it. It goes wonderfully well, twirling and moving in harmony. We are joined by a man with a harmonica who plays for us. First a foxtrot and then the walz. Finally he plays a polka that we swing to. By now, the drummer has noticed what is going on and he unpacks his drums and begins keeping the beat.

Alone with the music on the dance floor I let the feeling of dancing take over. Following in harmony instead of leading.

I felt alive!

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