20 Jun 2008

A knightly slave

Those of you who know me well, know that I am enamored by no other than William Shakespeare himself, and the play Much Ado About Nothing in particular.

When Shakespeare wrote his plays he depicted the life and love of noble women and men. Kings, queens, ladies of the court and knights. What most people do not know is that knights were, in some ways, similar to modern day BDSM slaves.

The romantic stories about the knights arose in Provence in France. Troubadours were the ones that spread the notion of the gallant knight, as the musicians walked from castle to castle singing their praise. The worshipers of these stories were young sons from noble families, who normally went without land since the oldest son inherited everything. They had no chance of marrying well, and instead they settled with low ranking mistresses and as a sign of their good breeding worshiped a noble wife.

The knightly love was only for the high society. The favors of love which the knights supplied were only available for the noble ladies and they, in turn, were the only ones who were allowed to treat their lovers cruelly and subject him to humiliations.

At my mercy, for me to use as I desire. Knight, slave, property, dog, whatever you want to call him. Hurt and protected by me. He is simply mine....


Anonymous said...

All of him, for Your noble cause.

LadyM said...

a The cause need not be noble.. Simply mine.

popsicle in the dark said...

that's the beauty of it. it becomes noble with the devotion of that knight to you. it's your logic, your wish, that is enough for him to see it as noble.