21 Dec 2007

Is a Domme allowed to be weak?

As a Dominant woman I am strong. I can lead and reward, I can also punish. I choose when I let this side shine through, and with whom. The question I constantly as is whether or not a Domme is allowed to be weak sometimes?

Some say no, a Domme is per definition strong and should she prove to be weak the power balance would shift, and the very foundations of the relationship be shaken. It is her innate strength that guides and that is the focus. A requirement for the submissive to feel submissive.

Others say of course, it is the submissive's duty to support and to be someone the Domme can lean against when the winds blow cold. It does not matter who we are, we all face adversities sometimes.

Today I am weak, and even if I want to I cannot stop the tears that quietly roll down my cheeks. I have made a difficult decision, one that hurts so much. My heart is aching, breaking, yes even screaming aloud. My cheeks turn wetter with every passing second, but not a sound escapes my lips. With my back towards the others nobody can tell.

Is it a strength to not show weakness to others?

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Christian said...

Unfortunately quite a lot of subs take only when it comes to emotional support. I think that´s one of the main reasons, it´s so hard to find a suitable long-term sub/slave for a lifestyle domme(at least I have been told, so I am not saying I know it all!^^)

So I agree with the ones who say that even as a submissive you should be able to give emotional support to your mistress. To expect that she is always dominant and in control is expecting her to act in a role, but in my opinion she should just be like she is/feels.

So seeing her weak or strong, wouldn´t change my submission to her. Of course though, showing weaknesses to a sub needs a level of trust, which can only exist in a committed lasting relationship...so showing your weaknesses to your sub/slave, would be a sign for the depth of the relationship. At least that´s my view again.