14 Dec 2007

Family traits

I wonder how much of our different lifestyle is genetic?

During my years as a Dominatrix I have encountered a few cousins, where both have been submissive. The cousins have entered into the lifestyle without notifying one another, in one case I think that they still do not know about the shared interest. In biology scientists talk about the co-operation between environment and inheritance, and our upbringing has of course played a big role in creating the individuals that we are today. Animals are sexually imprinted at an early age, not only to search for a specific gender but also to choose the right species. A large part of their mating rituals are however predetermined, and independent of their upbringing.

Are we the same?

When I encounter relatives the story is always the same. My facial features, the colour of my hair and my choice of profession is compared to earlier generations' choices which further makes me wonder about the traits I possess. Are my dominate and sadistic features also part of my family traits, but something that is not talked about? Something that is not even enjoyed? Only desired.....

My niece has come up with a new game. She takes my long hair, wraps it around my head and mouth, and happily proclaims: - Now you cannot speak! with sparkling eyes.

Once I played similar games, and I still do

What if....

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