14 Dec 2007

Condemned Kinks!

I have noticed that within the BDSM-scene, as well as in other parts of the world, people are categorised by their kinks. Their traits, dreams and fantasies. In a world that is intolerant of those that separate themselves from the grey masses we continue to judge people even when we are part of the extremes. How many of us in the scene would not like to walk down the main street with a leash in hand, and live outwardly as we do behind shut doors? Why do we continue to judge those whose kinks are different from ours?

I am tired of running into people that have been badly treated by those supposed to be their equals, and share the same realm of interest.

Let's face it: We are all unique, all different. Me? Well I try to keep an open mind. No not all kinks are for me, but I know better than to dislike someone because of it. The next time you encounter someone whose taste is a bit different, stop and consider what others may think of yours...

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