6 Mar 2008

Read in the paper...

Here are summaries of a few articles that caught my eye.

"High heels give you a better sex life."
A urologist at the University of Verona recently published a study on the use of high heels. Maria Cerruto has for a long time been annoyed with the fact that high heeled shoes have been blamed for everything from random broken bones to schizophrenia.
"Since I am a woman who loves walking in high heeled shoes I tried to find something healthy about them, and finally I reached my goal," says the high-heeled scientist in an interview with The Times.
Maria Cerruto's new study reveals that a heel of about three inches is perfect for both posture and pelvic muscles. With that angle of the foot the 66 examined women's pelvics were in optimal position - which improves both pelvic muscle strenght and the ability to clench. High heeled shoes simply makes you work out these important muscles without knowing it. They support the inner organs and are important for women's health. Good pelvic muscles protect against incontinence, improves the sex life, and gives the woman more and stronger orgasms.

* * * * *

Justin whipped in new movie
Plays Madonna's slave
First she gave Britney her tongue. Now Justin gets to taste the whip Madonna plays a dominatrix in her new video. 4 Minutes To Save The World is the title. Latex and whips is the style. That is how Madonna will launch her latest transformation, writes The Sun.

In the very sexualised video the soon-to-be 50 year old popstar plays a Dominatrix, and among guest starring slaves she gets good company. Justin Timerlake and Timbaland are whipped and dominated by the singer, says the paper. The video was recorded in western London, and directed by Jonas Akerlund.

* * * * *

Brangelina news:

Angelina Jolie has her own recipe for solving the relationship problems between her and Brad Pitt: Sex toys. The other day she stocked up on a see-through black bra and a video tape on bondage games.

If you can find it in the paper it has to be true...

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