17 Mar 2008

Leaving the country

The Lady is packing.

Tonight I am flying to the Emerald Isle.

I am about to give a few good friends of mine a very good laugh. Less than a year ago I was packing frantically for a few days and they followed the events with amusement. I had prepaired everything in advance, writing lists of everything that I needed to bring and yet one thing did not make it out of my home: My jacket. Had I been going to a warm and cozy country that would have been just fine but noooo, I was flying to Iceland!

I need a service sub.

I mean, I really need a service sub!

This evening began well. Having recently been ill, I worked a bit longer than usual and when I got home I decided I had plenty of time to pack. I knew where everything was and all I had to do was to put it in a bag and zip it. Piece of cake.

Boy, was I mistaken!

In my closet hung a light blue shirt that I adore. I like the colour and the texture. It has been quite a while since I last wore it and I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity. I open my closet and pull it out. Months of sitting quietly in a wardrobe should, according to me, not change the state of my clothes at all and as far as I could recall, my shirt was wrinkle free when I hung it up. Now, well.... you can imagine.

I bought a new iron a couple of weeks ago.

-Perfect. Or?

I have now been battling the various creases for over an hour. The improvements are barely noticeable. I realise I should never again buy an iron without an ironer.

I really, really REALLY need a service sub.

The shirt is now in my bag. I will blame the wrinkles on the flight, no matter how smooth it turns out to be. It will after all be sharing the space with two books, two pairs of jeans, two jackets, one top and four pairs of shoes. (Yes I know, I will only be gone for four days, but I did limit the number of shoes...)

Two hours to go. I can't wait!

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