28 Mar 2008

I once took a deep breath...

OK so I haven't been blogging much lately. I thought I would make up for lost time, and entries today, seeing as I have nothing else to do right now.

Starters.. An old entry of mine, a memory, now in an English version:

* * * * *

I am sitting here in front of my computer, just breathing. Breath after breath. The last 24 hours have been intense. It is hard to gather my thoughts in writing.

One hour left, I took his black T-shirt off him. The leather cuffs he had worn since he arrived the previous day are in place. They had been under his jacket at the restaurant that we had just visited, visible to anyone bold enough to look up his sleeves. Visible to me.

Now we were back home, in my territory.

I did not say a word when I stood behind him. He turned his head slightly, looking over his shoulder. Quickly came the question: "Do you need to know?" He shook his head and then looked down on the floor in front of him again. Silence once more.

Without warning I reach out my hand, with the blood red nails, and swiftly drag them mercilessly across his back. A familiar sound from my nails, the feeling of skin under my fingers liberates and I enjoy it. The response is immediate. He throws his head back, pushes his chest forward, and falls. His legs cannot carry him and with my arms which quickly wrap around him he slumps to the ground.

- What happened?
- I sank. I am weak, you are so strong.

I stand with my legs against his sides, and lean his upper body against me.

- You are doing well.
- Thank you. Thank you, My Queen.

I was not done with him yet. He rests against my legs, I lean forward and kiss him. His head bends backwards to meet my lips. Wonderful. When the kiss is over he looks forward again, and that is when I stroke. Once again my nails scratch his back, and once again he collapses, now only his upper body and he lies leaning forward over folded legs. A tiny pile on the floor. So beautiful.
I sit down beside him, where he lies, I comfort and caress. The nails will have to wait, he is small.

I will make him even smaller. I bring out the rope, stand behind him and pick up his upper body so that he is once again on his knees. I wrap the rope around my hand, one lap around each, and then place the middle of the rope against his throat, tightening it.

- You can do what you want to me.

Big words and an even bigger submission.

I tighten the rope even further, making him feel it cut off his air, and he does not object. I loosen it and tie a knot behind his neck, saving one very long end. The end I bring through first one, then both of the D-rings on his cuffs. His hands are being pulled up towards his neck, he has to hold them uncomfortably high to breath. He begins to whimper a bit.

- I am so helpless, I can't do anything. You can do what you want.

The helplessness that he speaks of does not come from the ropes, but from deep within him. More kissing, more touching. Thereafter the command to lie down. He lays himself down on the side on the tiny rug on the floor. Another rope that I use to bring the rings on his footcuffs together. I let the rope run between his knees, and pull it upwars, so that he has to bend his knees, turn into a small ball. I attach the end of the rope in the one I earlier wrapped around his neck.

Now he really is helpless. I enjoy the sight. He bends his face, burrying it in the matress, from time to time meeting my gaze for a brief second.

He had surrendered.

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unspeakable axe said...

What a very lucky boy.