15 Mar 2008


I hate saying goodbye. There is simply no good way to do that. No matter how you put it, a good bye is still a good bye, even when disguised as an au revoir, a see you soon, or an I love you.

Usually, when I say my farewells I am sure that the individual in question is someone I will see again, which makes the parting a lot smoother. Life has taught me through berevement that it is not always the case.

Even though death is a very final way of ending a friendship or relationship there is another factor as well. I have submissive male friends whose company I cherish. Some, not all, of these are single and in search of a Mistress to worship for the remainder of their lives. I hope with all of my heart that they are able to find what they are looking for, and will live happily ever after, in their own storybook existance. Yet....

What happens if She forbids contact?

Female Dominants are often quite possessive. I should know, as I am one of those. My property, my slave, mine, mine, mine.... I guess no one taught me to share my toys when I was young enough to understand that, and now it is too late.

I do not steal submissives. I respect relationships and I have no intention of stepping in between a Mistress and her sub. I only ask for a few minutes of their time to share a coca-cola or two. Perhaps if I am lucky even a chocolate cake. I may steal their ice-cream though...

The upside of submissive friends: I have someone to laugh with, to share stories with and to get a hug from when I need it.

The downside of submissive friends: I never know when the goodbye I say will be the last goodbye.

Fellow Dommes, I have in my possession an assortment of lovely submissive friends. I will vouch for them as individuals, and would be happy to see each and every one of them collared, chained and abused by the right woman. I would be happy to act as a match-maker if necessary, on one condition: Please do not take my friends away from me!

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