12 Apr 2008

Turn ons

I have noticed that I can be turned on quickly.

I can be turned off even quicker.

I was chatting with someone the other day and he asked the question

- What does it for you? What makes it someone you enjoy using?

I tried to answer the question but was left with the feeling that my answer was not complete. Something was missing.

7 turn-ons:
  1. The submissive eyes - Sometimes I encounter those with the "sub-look". Submission shows in their eyes, it is like I can see straight into their souls. They hide nothing. THe one I talked to about this tries to conceal it, I hope he never manages to....
  2. The conversation - As nice as smut talk can be, that is not what I am referring to. I am not going to put anyone down in words or otherwise unless I feel that I can have interesting conversations with that individual. There has to be a connection...
  3. Physical appearance - I am not going to lie, attraction is a must!
  4. Reactions - Different strokes for different folks, well that works in BDSM as well. I enjoy reactions, everything from sighs, moans or just the simple flexing of a bound muscle.
  5. Control - it is so obvious that I first did not plan on adding it, but if I am going to list my turn-ons, it does belong here.
  6. Selectiveness - Someone who does not submit to anyone but me, and those I order him to. Full of pride and self-worth.
  7. The Gentleman - I have come across it a few times, and it always strikes me with awe. Some carry within them a different kind of gentleman than that who opens doors and pulls out chairs. Natural chivalry. A way of carrying himself that sets him apart from the others.. hmm.. I guess we are back to pride again. Pride in submission


Anonymous said...

Vännen har du inte glömt musiken här också. Du sa en gång eller har sagt flera gånger att om du ska bli intresserad av att dominera någon så måste musiken finnas i den personens liv.

Bara en fundering....*ler*

Kram vännen

LadyM said...

Jo, musiken är vägen till mitt hjärta.. tänk om fler kunde förstå det.... Vacker musik till piskans slag.