24 Apr 2008


My family members have started conspiring against me. My sister and her husband in particular

The phone rang, it was my sister who had decided that she, I and her hubby X were going to go to the movies during the weekend. Knowing that I have spent way too little time with my family, I went along with it. I shouldn't have. It was an ambush..

- Just one more thing.. One of X's friends is coming with us too. You have met him before, the singer of the band.
- Sis...!
- Oh don't worry, you will like him. We will see you on saturday at 6, then we can have dinner before the movie.
- Sis!!

My sister would make a wonderful Domme. We have never discussed such matters, but she is the one who runs her household, and her husband. (Sometimes I wonder if their relationship is a D/s one as well.) There simply was no way of escaping the set-up without hurting her big-sister pride, so it looks like I now have plans for saturday night. I am a dominated Domme.

* * * * *

Before Christmas my father decided to have a heart to heart with me.

-You should not be single any longer, it does not suit you. You should find yourself someone you can control and dominate, just like your sister does with X.

Maybe family members understand more than they let on....

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