2 Apr 2008

An overly experienced Domme?

From time to time I am made acutely aware of the difference between myself and my peers. I am by now an experienced Domme, and what makes others cry out with disgust or disbelief is to me quite common.

A while back I was told that there was something I had to see, and someone sent me a link of viewer reactions. They were severe; the viewers were losing their lunches over whatever it was that they were seeing, some were crying and others laughing hysterically. The title to whatever they were watching gave me no clues whatsoever, and my curiosity grew.

Finally, I managed to find an exert and my own reaction was much less dramatic:

-Oh, it was just scat...

The thrill was gone.

Can one be too experienced?

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Anonymous said...

Måste man vara fullärd bara för att något inte intresserar en själv?

Frågar din vän som aldrig kommenterar dina texter....*ler*