7 Apr 2008


I have one enemy.

There are people I don't like but only one I hate.

It had been a while since we met and now, there she was, in the grocery store among the veggies. She saw me and she looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

I left. She hurried as well and ended up walking in front of me.
I knew she could hear the sound of my high heels against the floor.
I made sure of it.

Suddenly she turned, and walked towards me.

I let the Domme loose.
I slammed my heels down, I held my head up high.
Without missing a beat, without looking at her, I walked straight through her.
I could feel her body slam against mine as she was knocked into a side-aisle.

She was nothing.

In the corner of my eye I could see her fear.
I can ruin her life simply by telling the truth.
Out of respect for someone else I don't.

I pay the price for my choices.
She has to too.

Don't mess with this Domme.


Anonymous said...

minns fortfarande din blick när du kom ut från affären....Den är inte att leka med....*ler*
Kramar om dig min vän.

LadyM said...

Det är inte bara min blick som inte är att leka med! Inte när det gäller E.