3 Jul 2008

Sweet memories

Yet another memory...

* * * * *

Strawberries are part of summer. To me, they are the biggest and best sign that my favorite season is here. We picked up a liter at the store. Freshly picked. I sample one as we are walking home. It tastes so sweet.

I pour the whip cream in a bowl and hand it to him. It is the one thing he always whips. I start rinsing and cleaning the berries, and we finish at the same time.

-Put these on the table and then bring me your posture collar.
-Yes Mistress.

He is smiling, obviously sensing that I am up to something. He quickly does as he is told, then returns to me, kneeling with his collar in his hands, presented to me as he has been taught. I put it around his neck, locking it in place. It keeps his chin slightly raised, and it is impossible for him to turn his head. I attach the chain and leather leash.

- Come.

He follows me like an obedient dog, keeping out of my way, yet careful not to pull on the leash. He knows he would be punished for it. I sit down on the couch, making myself comfortable and motion for him to get in under the living room table.

Another order:
-Take off my panties.

Using his mouth, his lips, careful not to let his teeth graze me, he pulls them off my body. I help him by raising my body slightly from the sofa, but he works methodically. First one side, then the other. Every now and then he lets a kiss slip in and it makes me smile. I know it is his way of showing how he worships me.

I take a strawberry, dipping it into the cream and taste it. Delicious.

- Slave, would you like a strawberry?
- Yes Mistress.
- And some cream to go with perhaps?
- Yes please, Mistress.

I take another strawberry, and swirl it around in the whipped cream, making sure it is almost completely covered. I take the strawberry and bring it to my cunt, tracing the outline of it until all of the cream is wiped off. Then I slowly push the strawberry inside me. I pull on the leash and that is all the encouragement he needs. Within seconds the strawberry and whipped cream are no more, and his tongue continues to clean me. The TV is on in the background, a common summer feature, a sing along show and I join in the familiar tunes. More strawberries for me, and more for him.

- I am thirsty, get me a glass of milk.
- Yes Ma'am. Can I have some as well?
- No, you can't.
- Yes Mistress.

He brings me my milk, and I continue watching the show, with him sitting on the floor beside me, resting against my legs. As the final notes of the song ring out, I grab him by his hair, pulling him down on his back on the red carpet. I straddle his chest, whispering in his ear that his thirst will soon be quenched. I move up and sit myself down on his face, and let go. I hear the sound of him swallowing.

He does not spill a drop.

As I get back on my feet, the red carpet is still clean. I am satisfied and his thirst is quenched for now. There is a faint smell on his breath, recognizable only to the few who know, who understand.

-Thank you Mistress.

pat the sofa and he climbs up, and lies behind me, spooning. He wraps his arms around me and I enjoy being so close. In his embrace. He nuzzles his face in the back of my neck, amidst my hair. His head is still held in place by the collar and I have no intention of releasing him yet.

The night is still young...

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Genie of tahini said...

Your words are breathtaking, Lady M. One is stripped of defences reading them, acknowledging the pure emotions and power exchange, the genuineness of the situation and the power you hold. The essence of worship, of being a slave, and how it becomes so plain when one is before you is easily comprehended. Thank you for your beauty.