10 Jul 2008

Sandbox Master

We have all heard of them
Most Dommes have bumped into them.
We rename them Sandbox Masters.
Let me introduce to you a breed of men that have no respect for women.

I have just had the dubious pleasure of bumping into a so called sandbox master. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept; A sandbox master is someone who calls himself a master and just because of that title expects everyone to bow down to him, especially Dommes.

The short exchange began with him sending me a message

"I would like to look you in the eyes right before you get spanked hard with my leather belt!!!
Do you understand...???"

Now I cannot resist something as silly as that, I had to give a short reply.

"Ehm, no. Why would I want that?"

He did write me back.

"With my leather belt I meant because you are a woman who deserves it and needs it!!!

Oh come on! You will have to do better than that. My turn to rattle his cage a bit.

"Really? Are you one of those sandbox masters us dominants laugh at?"

Yeah, yeah, not the subtlest of techniques but hey, he earned it.
Still trying to gain control and put me in my place, he starts his next letter with an order.

"I don't call myself Master, and show your face when you are talking to me!!! You dominants, who are you?"

Okay, so he probably prefers a word in another language, who cares. Note the numerous exclamation marks and question marks he uses to emphazise his words. I suspect he needs them to underline his strength and power, something that comes from within and not from mere words.

Poor thing, doesn't he realize that he has been become my toy, instead of making me his?


Anonymous said...

He clearly has too much time and not enough fun or meaning in his life. Perhaps this is the only conversation he knows, which is really sad when there are so many things to talk about... and to RANT about :)

I should be President of the world... but tied up at night!

Anonymous said...

this guy is a dick!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't describe anyone as a "dick", because there are so many of us who have not had our minds broadened - and those with broader minds realise that there is more to know than we still know.

I don't understand why I am what I am, so please don't try to understand (or judge) me!

Anonymous said...

Grattulerar gumman! Först en fisk som stöter på dig och nu en sandlådemaster...Du har verkligen tur....*flinar*

Kram vännen!