19 May 2008

Yet another memory

I was once a student too....

* * * * *

D is lying on his stomach. Pieces of blue rope have rendered him helpless.

I take the red candle and light it, watching the liquid form around the flame. Not too much, but not too little. The first few drops hit his back. Involuntarily he moves. A moan escapes his lips.

D struggles.
He is beautiful.

A plan forms in my mind.
Holding the candle close to his skin,
I begin to let the drops form a pattern.

The wax is warmer now.
He is more sensitive.

The first letter, then second one.
It takes time, getting the shapes right is difficult
D moves more now, moans more.
Every drop makes him squirm.

I use the weight of my body to keep him still.

The first few words are uttered.

-Please, please no more....
- I can if I want to, can't I?
-Yes, you can do anything you want but please don't..

I gnore his plea and watch the third letter evolve.
It is easier, and I am satisfied with what I see.
His body is glistening, obedience makes him sweat.
D taught me a word in a foreign language
I am using what he showed me against him.

The fourth letter and then I stop.
I read it out, as one word.
I spell out the four letters,
a word I have never seen before.

There is one more letter, he tells me.
Despite the pain that I have caused him,
Despite that he could have escaped the last one.
It is his turn to spell it out, the way it should be.
Picking up the candle again, I correct the mistake.

Five letters.

Uncountable drops of wax.
I let my fingers trace my creation
This time it is as it should be.


* * * * *

Thank you for teaching me through your pain. I am still learning.
The book is in front of me, showing me what I need to know.
I will never forget that one word....


knight of sweets said...

What a beautiful post, so perfect indeed. He is in your hands, and this is clear. Read and envy.

dF said...

Dreams of Passion

…Walking along the streets in New York. Hand in hand, smiling. Being happy in togetherness. Cracking jokes. Its drizzling but we don’t care. It s a warm evening, slowly the day changes to night.

Finally we are at 20th and 7. She’s waiting while he opens the door for Her to get in.

“Tonight you need some help sweet boy” – i know you would say no but I decide to help you a little at the beginning. “

i begin to think. i ve been in pain a lot – what does She mean with that expression?

We are walking straight to the corner of the collars. She knows exactly what she’s looking for. Quickly in Her hand a leather collar that is connected to two wrist cuffs. She took the size M, and She’s right. Everything fits perfect – I little tight but i guess that has to be like that.

She begins to smile. i feel a little unsure but i trust Her so much – so i begin to smile as well but my smile is mixed with a kind of fear.

On our way home, She doesn’t speak a lot. Her voice changed. Stronger, more confident. Same thing with Her eyes…

I am getting a little nervous when i take Her shoes off on the floor of the lobby. But Her taste of the feet shows me where i want to belong to. i am there where i always wanted to be. At Her service. i am pleasing Her feet with my tongue until She is fine and relaxed from the long walk.

But the meaning of being at her service means a lot. “This evening we are going a little closer to a full service slave my boy, make me proud as you did in the past!”

A confident “Yes Mistress” through my throat without knowing and thinking follows as my answer.

We are having a wonderful dinner together – like a vanilla couple. Smiling, laughing, making jokes…

She is sitting comfortable on the couch while i am cleaning the dishes…When i’m done She calls me. “On Your knees slave”

Cleverly, She straps the new collar and connects my hands on the back. Even more tight than in the shop. Followed by a ring gag in my mouth – tight along my head. “Mmh now you look even more handsome boy. My service boy. Something changes from today. Go to the bathroom and tell me what’s different from now on!

I am crawling towards the bathroom to take a look around. i check every detail. Can’t find anything. Hmmm I am getting nervous. Take a look again. i turn back and tell my Mistress with a fear in my voice that i wasn’t able find anything different. With a stronger voice She sends me back right away. Finally, i recognize two little holes in the wall. Exactly there where the toilet paper had been fixed. My heart begins to beat faster.

Back on my knees, i tell Her my realization. As good as it is possible with the ring gag. She begins to smile and plays with my nipples. “Good toy, boy” She begins to kiss me through the ring. I feel like in paradise. The mix between the pain on my nipples and Her sensual tongue.

“Enough” She says – “got to go to the bath room.” i am following Her. As usual i stop in front of the door. But this time she pulls me on the leash into the room. Right next to Her.

In Her right hand, the latex mask which is fully closed except the holes for the mouth and the nose.

“Be quiet and enjoy – this is something really special for you boy! you should be very pleased!” Her words while fixing the mask.

Minute by minute Her taste goes around my nose. Its soo close to have everything of Her around me. …She sits and plays from time to time with my nipples.

I know exactly what she means by the order…”Clean me slave, show me how much you adore Your Mistress! – this will be your new challenge every morning before going to work boy!”

Dedicated to MM

Anonymous said...

Hej vännen!
Tycker om det du skriver. Den berör mig

Kramar om