14 May 2008

An unexpected reunion.

I have had the pleasure of getting back in touch with an old classmate of mine.

We had not spoken for 14 years, basically half of our lives.

A lot had happened, and it was fun finding out what he had been up to.

Hey, I am a woman, I do like gossip!

The conversation quickly deteriorated. It all started with a misspelled word, writing cock instead of cook. Joyful banter followed, and all of a sudden it became blatantly obvious that he was after something entirely different than just an update.

He was trying to impress me with his "vast" experience in sexual activities!

I sat there in amazement as he explained to me that he had had, and still had, a crush on our 5th grade teacher. That crush had lead to him having sexual encounters with older women. He loves treating women like porn objects, and after a while explained that he had the same fate in mind for me. Meanwhile, I am getting more and more bored.

Conversation exert, not for the faint of heart....

- I just love wet pussies, he stated.

- Oh, is that so?

(Don't most straight or bi men?)

-Yeah, I remember this one older woman who texted me after we met at work.

- Really?

(The only woman perhaps?)

- Yeah, she told me exactly what she wanted to do with me.

- Ah, a woman who knows what she wants.

(Could she be dominant?)

-As soon as I got in the door, she got down on her knees.

- I see.

(Apparently not, boooring!)

- Yeah I have had such slutty women. Women that like a hard cock everywhere. I have had sex with several women at once, and and I have shared women with a friend.

- You have been lucky then.

(Do you really want to compare notes with me?! Boy, did you pick the wrong woman!)

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